Sunday, October 16, 2011

Annie Rayburn Blog Tour !

Hey, Guess What?  My good friend, Carol Burnside, writing as Annie Rayburn will be my guest on Wednesday, October 19th 

She'll be sharing an excerpt from her book, Phantoms & Fantasies!  PLUS, she'll give away a download and other goodies to a lucky commenter here!

But since we can't get enough of some good things, Annie will be on a blog tour all week! In the best tradition of celebrating Halloween this month, she will be blogging about Phantoms and Fantasies on the first Georgia Romance Indie’s Book Blog Tour. 

Here is Annie's Blog tour schedule:

It starts with a bang on Monday when Annie stops in at Pamela Mason's home, Writermason for an review of Phantoms & Fantasies.   Leave a comment for a chance to win a download of Annie’s book, where Zeenie and Turk find each other but Zeenie harbors a secret hurt that may just be too big for Turk to overcome. 

Annie will also be giving away a download of Insight, Annie's introductory short to her Crainesians species. 

Don't worry if you don't think you like science fiction - Crainesians are almost human, blending into the human species seamlessly, except for their elevated empathic skills and ability to recognize their lifemates the first time they set eyes on each other.

Gosh, don’t you wish it were that easy in real life? And wait until you read what happens when her heroines recognize their lifemates!

Annie might have a few other goodies to offer too - but you have to comment to win! 

And the best part? She'll be giving away one copy of Phantoms & Fantasies each day of the week on the other GRI blogs! And there’s an added incentive to follow Annie on her tour and comment each day.  There’s a fabulous grand prize and each day that you comment, you not only have a chance to win a download of her book, but you get another chance at Annie's big prize on Saturday.  That’s 5 chances you could have toward the grand prize…but only if you come by each day and comment.

"Because my books all revolve around matters of the heart, the grand prize will be a beautiful collection of semi-precious heart pendants and necklaces encased in their own wooden jewelry box."
                                                                         --Annie Rayburn

Next week will be filled with Zeenie & Turk... and more Versatile Bloggers to get to know! 
Monday, the 17th   Stop by Writermason on Monday to kick off the Blog Tour 
Tuesday, the 18th  Tami Brothers' Live, Love, Write! for an author interview
Wednesday the 19th  Sandra McGregor's Life, Love, and a Good Book for a book excerpt
Thursday, the 20th      Pink Fuzzy Slippers' Writers' Blog Mary Marvella will interview Turk
Friday, the 21st  At Linsey Lanier's play Spin the Bottle-Which Crainey Would You Kiss?

Saturday, the 22nd, Annie will wrap things up on her own blog, with the names of all the commenters and the number of times they've commented.  One name will be chosen from those who have commented every day.   It’s going to be a fantastic Blog Tour week!  So Mark Your Calendar!!!!  and don't miss this blog tour.


  1. I'm so excited to host Annie Rayburn too! Thanks for posting - see you Wednesday!

  2. My pleasure! I'll be following her all week as she visits the other blogs. See you in the morning.

  3. Thanks for the fabulous promo, Sandy! You're so sweet to host me for a whole day. I can't wait to see what readers think about the sizzling excerpt to be posted right here. Giving away free books and a grand prize, chatting with writers and author's cup runneth over this week. :D Let me know when I can return the favor.

    See ya soon!

  4. No problem. That's what friends are for! I'm sure everyone will enjoy the excerpt tomorrow as much as I did.

    See you tomorrow!