Sunday, October 11, 2015

We'd Rather Be Writing

88 authors share Time-saving Dinner Recipes and Other Tips

edited by Lois Winston

I'm happy to announce I'm one of the 88 authors that contributed to the cookbook put together for busy people who want to provide good, healthy meals for their family but have little time to spend in the kitchen.

This cookbook is already up for pre-order for only $ .99 with a release date set for October 30th.  The paperback version will be available after the release date...just in time for those early-bird Christmas shoppers. Since the cookbook includes time-saving tips, this is a must have for every cook.

Within the pages of We'd Rather Be Writing, you'll meet the 88 authors who write a wide range of fiction--everything from books for children to mystery, romance, young adult and new adults--and some who write non-fiction.  Some write sweet, others steamy.  Some write cozy, others thrillers.

Some are debut authors with only one book published, while others are multi-published and have long-time publishing careers, even some who are New York Times & USA Today best-selling authors

Since all the proceeds go to No Kid Hungry, I hope you'll consider buying a copy for yourself and several for your friends and family.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Update On The WWII Series

I've been huddling in my office, typing until my fingers smoke and soon, the last in the WWII series will be finished.  It's about the struggle to grow up in the shadow of WWII if you're a girl living in a big city (Denver) filled with soldiers, but restricted by the fact that you live in Denver Orphan's Home.

The First in the series is about EMMA ROSE.  She's old enough to leave The Home, but continues to live there, working days at the local tire plant and evenings at the orphanage helping with the smaller children. Her life changes one evening when she goes to the USO with two friends from work and meets a Navy officer who was injured in the bombing of Pearl Harbor six months earlier.  When Emma becomes his lost Cinderella, he searches for her...but when he finds her, he must convince her that he really cares and he must overcome the burn scars that his uniform hides.

The second book in the series, CORA JEAN, is basically the story of how my mother & father met and fell in love.  This story takes Jeannie from Denver Colorado to a small town in North Carolina where she lives with Mac's parents until he returns from the war.  There are hardships, but, for the first time, she has a family.  This is a very special book to me and is filled with stories my mother told me before her death about fifteen years ago.

The third book in the series, SARAH ANN, tells the story of a young woman determined to make her place in a man's world.  She wants to be a nurse, but without funds to go to college for three years, she settles for becoming a WAVE in the U.S. Navy.  She is stuck in a hospital office during clerical work, but soon she ventures out into the wards and offers smiles & encouragement along with reading letters from home to some who have eye injuries and helps others write letters to their loved ones if they're unable to use their arms. 

Romance waits for each of my orphans, but the road isn't always easy...but it's always worth the effort.  I've submitted a proposal to a publisher, but if they don't accept it, I'll be publishing this series in the next month or two. 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 31, 2014

Where has the year gone?  As I look back on 2014, I'm excited to see that I almost reached my goal...I missed getting the last in the Dawn series up in December...BUT, I'm not unhappy with the books that were released.

As I look forward to 2015, I'm excited about plans to post not only the last in the Dawn series, but also to release another series set in Colorado during WWII...right after Pearl Harbor is bombed.  The focus isn't the war action, but rather the women left at home.  In fact, the second in the series is based on the lives of my own parents and how they met while my father was stationed in Denver prior to being shipped overseas.  It's filled with all the stories I heard as I grew up and I'm excited about sharing their lives and their love with my readers.

So it should be a great year and I hope you'll enjoy reading not only the current books I have out, but the new ones coming out for your pleasure in 2015.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Release ! Facing The Dawn


Book 2 of the Dawn series

Facing The Dawn is a Contemporary Romantic Suspense set in Denver, Colorado. The Dawn series is about three sisters and the men they fall in love with...but the road to love is never easy.


Madison Cooper, Emergency Room doctor at Midtown General in Denver, and Detective Wes Thomas can’t stand each other. He thinks she’s too loud and too bossy and she thinks he’s not only rude, but cares only about himself. At her sister’s wedding she’s the Maid of Honor and he’s the Best Man, but when he looses patience with her sharp tongue and “accidentally” bumps her into the pool at the reception, she’s outraged and vows revenge.

When he’s involved in an on-the-job wreck, he tells the two cute female paramedics that he was momentarily unconscious just so he can ride with them to the hospital and hopefully get their phone numbers. Only he never expected Madison to be the doctor on duty when he arrived. Now he’s on her turf and paybacks aren’t fun.

Then Madison's patients with non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries start dying and Wes is assigned to find out who the serial killer is. When Madison's life is threatened, he volunteers to be her around-the-clock bodyguard.

They fight their way into each other’s arms while Wes tries to solve the mysterious deaths that are occurring at the hospital. Going after the bad guys puts a target on his back and when he finds himself in the cross-hairs, Madison is left Facing The Dawn alone, wondering if Wes will live through the night. She must face losing the only man to ever stand up to her…the only man she has ever truly loved.

Facing The Dawn is available on Amazon B&N Smashwords

But that's not all ! If you leave a comment and “follow” me, (if you don't already) , then you'll be entered in a drawing at the end of November for your very own Betty Boop coffee mug ! (Just like the one Madison uses at home when she has coffee or tea.

Coming in December, 2014   Book 3 in the Dawn series, After The Dawn

Friday, October 3, 2014


WATCH FOR THE DAWN is the first in a three-part romantic suspense series about three sisters, and is set in Colorado.

A serial killer is targeting college co-eds and today he is watching a student as she makes her way across the campus to class. When a blond woman stops and talks with the girl, he changes his pattern, allows the student to go...for the moment...and follows the woman. After watching which room the woman enters, he adds Professor Kelly Cooper to his list. She should never have interfered in his plan.

Watch For The Dawn introduces Kelly Cooper, 29, single and a professor at Colorado State University in Denver. Kelly's trouble begins when her older sister, Madison Cooper, comes on campus to have lunch with her and stops to speak to a student she recently tended in the hospital emergency room. It's a case of mistaken identity, but since the stalker doesn't know what the girl might have revealed to the woman, there is now another potential “loose end” to dispose of. 

Police detective Steve Mitchell is leading the search for the serial killer, but after losing his temper with a journalist and shoving the man, his chief puts him on two-week administrative leave to cool off. On his way to the mountains, he happens upon Kelly, her car in a ditch during a blizzard and takes her with him to the cabin.  Two weeks away from the office is suddenly taking a turn for the better.  A mountain cabin in the winter is a perfect place to get away from his work and have a little fun with a beautiful woman...or is it?  Could he be wrong?

Amazon       Smashwords


Old Newsprint Stars Ornaments

To celebrate the new release, I'm giving away a set of star-shaped Christmas Tree ornaments very much like the ones Kelly and Steve use on their Christmas tree in the mountain cabin. To be entered in the drawing, all you have to do is leave a comment. If you want to be entered more than once, just Tweet or Facebook my blog page. Simple! Good Luck !! 

Coming Soon !!

Facing The Dawn, introducing Madison Cooper, emergency room doctor, will be available in November 2014 and After The Dawn, introducing Shelby Sanders, the youngest of the three sisters and a widow with a five-year-old son, and who manages a Bed and Breakfast, will be available in December, 2014.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Announcing A New Release -- Katie



(Book 3 in the Georgia Hearts series)

Spring Garden Roses
Tea For One set
(sugar cubes not included)

In Katie, Katie Brinkley is a tea lover and draws comfort from a nice cup of Earl Grey when her day is hectic. This month, in honor of Katie's debut, I'm offering the Spring Garden Roses Tea For One Set to one lucky person who leaves a comment. So, be sure to leave a comment...and then tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter for an extra chance to win. 


(Book 3 in the Georgia Hearts series)



Troy Templeton is returning home from a two-week Army Reserve training and witnesses a car crash. He stops to help, discovering the driver unconscious and a very scared two-year-old boy in the backseat. Katie Brinkley is frantic about her missing son, especially when she learns her car has been involved in a wreck. She arrives on the scene to see a large man in Army fatigues holding her son...a man who reminds her of her late husband. The last thing she needs is anyone else in her life who has any connection to the military. Her mother, father and deceased husband are enough. Troy is drawn to Katie, but the last thing he needs is a ready-made family. He's not father material. Can both learn to compromise and give their attraction a chance?


Troy stepped up beside her, Evan’s car seat dangling from one large hand. “Are you okay?”
She turned to face the man who had stepped into her life with an ease that was almost frightening. He stood close—too close, but she forced a stiff smile. “Yes, much better. For some reason, I felt closed in and needed to get outside and could take a deep breath.”
He nodded and reached out his hand to take hers, guiding her toward the truck, but didn’t unlock it. He sat the car seat in the back and then guided her toward the street corner where he pushed the button to get the light to stop traffic.
“Where are we going?”
“You need to see The Square up close.”
His touch was gentle, more like an invitation to join him than a demand. She found herself following without protest. When the light changed, they crossed and soon she was wandering among the heavenly scents of rose bushes and magnolia blossoms.
Neither spoke as they wandered, their fingers meshed, linking them while they strolled. Several benches were occupied, but Troy directed her toward one that seemed to be calling their names and then suggested they stop and sit for a few minutes.
“This is peaceful.”
“Umm.” A nearby squirrel had his attention, but it didn’t take long for him to look at her. “You know what? This is the very bench where I asked Tracy Summers to go steady with me.”
She chuckled. Troy had a way of saying the unexpected and keeping her off balance. “Obviously it didn’t last…or did she turn you down?”
“Oh she said yes, but then a few weeks later she said yes to Tim Ledbetter.”
His exaggerated sigh and the obvious slumping of his shoulders told her he was kidding around. “That’s too bad. Didn’t the best man win?”
“Yes, as a matter of fact. I was fifteen at the time, but if you knew Tracy now, you’d know I made a lucky escape.” His head was back and he was laughing out loud now. “Be careful what you wish for.”

Available at: Amazon and Smashwords

Be sure to check back each month for the rest of the year because there will be a new release every month and a promotional give-away each month to celebrate.

September: Katie Book 3 in the Georgia Hearts series
October: Watch For The Dawn Book 1 in the Dawn series
November: Facing The Dawn Book 2 in the Dawn series
December: After The Dawn Book 3 in the Dawn series
January 2015: Emma Rose Book 1 in the Colorado Hearts series
February 2015: Cora Jean Book 2 in the Colorado Hearts series
March 2015: Betty Ann Book 3 in the Colorado Hearts series

Friday, August 1, 2014

Two August Releases !!

Two Ways To Win !!

Behind Door Two and Jessie, Book 2 in the Georgia Hearts series

Jeweled Flash Drive

In Jessie, she's a romance writer. The Jeweled Flash Drive is something she would need and use.

Leave a comment today and then put this link on your Twitter or Facebook and have an extra chance to win.

Book 2 in the Georgia Hearts series

Widowed, Jessica Templeton-Harris, writes romances and does emergency infant care for the county. Newborn Missy Alexander has one living relative, her Uncle, Daniel Alexander, confirmed bachelor and DEA agent working undercover in South America.
When he asks Jess for help in adopting Missy, can she say no to the man who has stolen her heart or the child she has grown to love?

Below is an excerpt:

His presence on her porch didn’t make her feel threaten, but neither did it bring a sense of calm. His body screamed Rambo, but his overall demeanor was more like Jason Bourne. It was just his shear size that intimidated. He was easily twice her size and weight and probably able to bench press her if he wanted to. She straightened her spine.
“Man-oh-man,” she muttered softly. “If his face and arms are any indication, this guy doesn’t have an ounce of extra fat on his body.” The printed t-shirt that proclaimed his love of country music was stretched across his broad chest, but just as impressive were his shoulders and biceps that the shirt was trying to strangle.
“Oh my,” she murmured again. What could he want? She wasn’t convinced it was safe to open the door, but it helped a bit to ease her mind just knowing she had the recently-installed clear-glass storm door. At least now she could open the front door and still have a solid, locked barrier between her and the man who was reaching out to ring the bell again.
“Oh, no! The baby.” Jess quickly unlocked the heavy oak door and pulled it halfway open, not surprised to see that the man was considerably larger than the viewer led her to believe. She allowed her gaze a quick trip from his greasy hair down to his dirty, scuffed cowboy boots. His deep tan made it obvious that he worked outdoors…and mercy alive, whatever he did, it kept him in great physical condition.
Her gaze darted back to his face when he cleared his throat. She felt her neck growing warm. He had caught her staring…well, actually it had been a bit more like ogling, but surely he was used to women staring at him.
“Sorry. Um, may I help you?” She had never been fond of paybacks, but that was exactly what he was giving her. She forced herself to remain still while the bluest eyes she’d ever seen slid from the ponytail on the crown of her head down to the ragged-edged, cut-off denims that stopped too many inches above her knees. After hovering for a moment, his gaze dropped to her bare feet where it lingered. His eyes opened a bit wider and his eyebrows arched just a fraction, but a frown tugged her brows downward when a smile lifted the corners of his mouth.
She had never worried about putting on shoes just to answer her door, but the Neanderthal on her front porch was laughing at her hot pink, polished toenails. She cleared her throat, much like he had, but he ignored her and allowed his eyes to make a lazy journey back up to connect with hers. Her face was burning. She had never felt so under-dressed in her life.

Available on:  Amazon Smashwords

Behind Door Two


After her parents and twin sister are killed, Cecilia Drummond won’t believe she could be next. Detective Lance Brodin must keep her alive, but will she cooperate? She gives up her dream and takes over the family business, refusing to back down or hide. Lance works to keep her alive and she works to find out who’s stealing from the company. Can they live long enough to find love?

Below is an excerpt:

Flying had always been as natural as swimming or horseback riding...until now.
What would it feel like to suddenly realize your plane was going to crash? Does your life really flash before your eyes like they say?
Cecilia Drummond shifted in the confines of her first-class seat, glancing out the tiny portal to reassure herself that the plane was still in the clouds …and level.
Would she panic and scream as it plummeted 34,000 feet to crash in a rural field or a crowded city street? No, she was sure she wouldn’t be a screamer, but just the thought made her heart rate spike as she wiped her suddenly damp palms on the cocktail napkin. Cecilia leaned slightly forward to lift heavy black hair from her damp neck, berating herself for not taking an extra couple minutes to twist it up into a clip before closing her condo door for the last time.
She sighed with relief to see the woman on her right was still asleep. Embarrassing displays of emotion didn’t count if no one saw them. Yeah, right.
Cecilia willed herself to relax, her head resting back against the seat. With her eyes closed, she took a few slow, deep breaths, counting as she exhaled. Her mind wouldn’t rest, wouldn’t stop conjuring up useless questions—questions that she could not possibly know the answer to unless she experienced the moment. Like, would she be calm and stoic? No, calm was too much to imagine. Sure, she’d panic, but behind it she was sure there would be anger. She would be pissed.

Available on: Amazon Smashwords

For the month of August, leave a comment on the blog and have your name entered in the drawing for The Jeweled Flash Drive. But, after you leave a comment here, if you Tweet or Facebook this link, you can earn a second (or third) chance to win in the drawing!! So, tell your friends!!

Be sure to check back each month for the rest of the year because there will be a new release every month...and a new promotional give-away...each month to celebrate!!