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Annie Rayburn Is In The House!

Annie Rayburn is the pseudonym of Carol Burnside, whose works have placed and won several romance writing contests. Annie is e-published, traditionally in short stories, and recently self/Indie published her previously released short story, Insight and a novella, Phantoms & Fantasies. Her latest release from Red Sage is Bittersweet Obsessions (June, 2011), an erotic romance with sci-fi and paranormal elements. Learn more about Annie and her books at
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If you've never met Annie Rayburn or been introduced to her writing, today is an opportunity to get to know her just a bit AND to read an excerpt from her e-book, PHANTOMS AND FANTASIES.  I know you'll enjoy it, so let's not waste any more time.


Blurb: After a devastating trauma, Zeenie attended a college mixer and experienced powerful, Crainesian life-mate pheromones between herself and Turk. Unprepared, she panicked and fled.

Turk has waited and yearned for Zeenie for years while staying dialed in to her recovery. Finally, rumor says she's ready to date again, and he's determined to make her short list, even if it means resorting to a little trickery. On a blind date, he surprises her with patience and maturity when she fights against their pheromone bond, then shows tenderness and consideration when phantoms of her past arise.

As she learns more about Turk, Zeenie entertains heated fantasies and makes tentative forays into his sensual world. But her initial rejection broke with Crainesian custom and continues to cast a dark shadow on their future. Can she embrace her sexuality and summon enough courage to claim her man in true Crainesian style, or will their growing love be tainted forever?

The following excerpt is taken from a sequence between Zeenie and Turk after she’s begun to trust him. They are Crainesians, humanoid beings whose pheromones are stirred in a big way when they encounter their mate. Like in this excerpt, they can share dreams. The italics with quotes are telepathic communication.

She took a deep, slow breath and succumbed to the beckoning darkness only to find Turk waiting for her there. Excitement zinged along her veins. He held out his arms. She hesitated, heart pounding in a wildly erratic cadence.
“I don't want to hurt you, Zee. Trust me. Let me show you a little of what it could be like between us.”
Oddly, the mental link didn't frighten her. She walked into his arms, desire and happiness surging through her body in waves. This was right and good. She knew it.
For several moments Turk just held her, his chin resting on top of her head. Pulling back, he brushed his lips against her forehead before he tilted her chin up and took her mouth with his. Again, Zeenie acknowledged the tight control Turk kept on his desire while she lost herself in a maelstrom of sensation. Desire, excitement, anticipation and a little dread all mixed into a potent cocktail designed to seduce.
Turk continued kissing her, first settling his mouth firmly over hers, then pulling back. The little sips and nips he teased along her jaw line made her strain nearer, wanting a closer connection. He avoided returning to her mouth, working his way along her jaw line and neck with tiny sucks and nibbles, teeth scraping across sensitized skin. In his wake were spots of moisture left cooling heated flesh. Electric current seemed to hum through her, with nerve endings standing at attention.
She reached up, tentatively touching his bare chest, running her palm over the smattering of hair scattered across his pectorals. Her index finger grazed his nipple, and Turk sucked in a breath. Catching her hand in his, he returned it to his waist.
“Not this time. This is for you.” The low timbre of his voice next to her ear, breath puffing hot on her neck and his words sent shivers down her spine. “You're in control, Zee. Just like it's supposed to be. I promise you that. Nothing happens here you don't want. Just stay open for me. The minute you're uncomfortable with anything, we abandon it. Understand?”
She nodded, her nipples tightening almost painfully. Her breasts felt heavy, needy.
“Are you okay with everything so far?”
“Yes, only...”She hesitated, embarrassed.
“Tell me.”
Uncharacteristically shy, she couldn't bring herself to ask. Instead, she reached for his hand and cupped it over her satin-covered right breast, breathing deeper. “They ache.”
She could have sworn her breast swelled to fit his hand.
His thumb made a slow caress over the underside of the gentle curve. More. She arched into him and his hand tightened on her back, his head lowered, mouth closing over her beaded nipple with a swift suction, even through her nightgown.
Zeenie cried out as need stabbed low in her abdomen. She clutched Turk's head to her, wanting to prolong the sensation. Oh, yes. Please.
She didn't even know what she begged for, just that she didn't want it to stop.
                           (Excerpt is protected under copyright)
Today, Annie is giving away a copy of Phantoms & Fantasies to one lucky commenter.
And, since a good Pumpkin Spice Latte always goes well with a good book at this time of year, I'm drawing for someone to receive a $5.00 Starbucks giftcard.  (Winner to be announced tomorrow on this blog).  
But that's only today's offerings!!!!   There's still more to come!
Don't forget:  Tomorrow, Thursday, Annie will be interviewing Turk Fontaine on Mary Marvella's blog, Pink Fuzzy Slippers Writers .  Leave a comment on Thursday for another chance to win a download.
Then on Friday, you'll want to visit Linsey Lanier where she and Annie are going to be playing Spin The Bottle to decide WHICH CRAINEY WOULD YOU KISS?   And guess what?  Yes!  Another chance to win a download and other prizes.  
Then on Saturday, on Annie's blog, she will announce the winner of her fabulous Grand Prize........(drum roll please)  Twelve Semi-precious heart pendants in their own jewelry box.  Aren't they gorgeous?  More information on her Saturday Grand Prize Drawing can be found on her blog at:

   I hope you enjoyed your visit today with Annie and that you'll check her out tomorrow on Pink Fuzzy Slippers for more fun and prizes.



  1. Can't get enough Annie Rayburn!!
    Best wishes on your continued success, Carol.
    And Sandy, thanks for hosting such a fabulous writer and friend!
    Cheers to your new blog too:)
    Both of you have a happy Wednesday!!
    Tamara LeBlanc

  2. Love the excerpt. I was drawn into the story immediately. Can't wait to read the book.

  3. Hi Tamara,
    Thanks for following Annie's blog and for dropping by to comment. And, it is my pleasure to hostess for Annie....she's such a gracious guest.

  4. Hi Tammy,
    Thanks for dropping in to say hello.....and to leave a comment to be in the running for a download of Annie's book...AND the Special Grand Prize on Saturday.

    Have a lovely day....despite the rain. (g)

  5. "Desire, excitement, anticipation and a little dread all mixed into a potent cocktail designed to seduce." I just love your writing style, Annie. Okay, P&F moves to NEXT on my Kindle TBR pile.

    And where have I heard about Pumpkin Spice Latte recently...? ;)

  6. Carol,
    I love your writing and the can't-put-the-book-down style! Keep up the great work! And I love the Crainesians.

  7. I am having so much fun following you around in cyberspace, Annie! Thanks for hosting today, Sandy! Hugs to you both!

  8. I think this is such a great story. It is one of those that sticks with you. The Crainy idea shows such imagination.

    Susan Carlisle
    Heart Surgeon, Hero...Husband? 1/12

  9. Hi, Tamara. So good to hear from you again. Thanks for stopping by. (waives)

  10. Tammy, I'm happy you liked the excerpt. Congrats on winning a copy of P&F yesterday. If you feel so inclined after reading it, I'd welcome an honest review. ;)

  11. Ah, Linsey, I really hope you enjoy Turk and Zee's story. Thanks!

  12. Just got home and WOW...lots of comments. Love the buzz you're creating!

    It's good to see all you ladies stopping by today...and don't forget to check back tomorrow to see who wins the $5.00 Starbucks card...right AFTER you check out Annie on Pink Fuzzy Slippers with Mary Marvella.

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  14. Thanks Carol, lol No, I don't bite or collect e-addys for a newsletter either.


  15. This has been a fun blog tour so far and I like getting to know your characters! Thanks for hosting and I'll check back to enjoy the fun.
    juleejadams (at) gmail (dot) com

  16. Julee,
    Glad you dropped by and good luck on the drawings!

  17. I LOVE this scene, Annie. I had forgotten until you posted it. Definitely going to have to reread this story. :)

    Great job and I can't wait to check out the interview tomorrow.


  18. Welcome, Bama. Yeah, the temp rises in my books pretty regular. ;)

  19. I love how Crainesians can share dreams...
    One of my favorite elements of your creations, Annie.

  20. Hey, Julee. I'm glad you're enjoying your intro to Turk and Zeenie. Thanks for the nod.

  21. Thanks, Pamela. I like that aspect of their abilities too. In Phantoms & Fantasies, it gave Zeenie the perfect opportunity to be with Turk, but a bit removed at the same time until she became more comfortable with their physical relationship.

  22. Very nice, makes me want to read the book again!

  23. Wow, Annie. What a fantastic excerpt. Can't wait to read P&F. Hope your having a great blog tour.
    Thanks, Sandy, for hosting Annie today.


  24. Great job, Annie and Sandy! Love the excerpt and your cover rocks! Now I need to get busy reading the stories.

  25. Hey, Mary! See ya on Fuzzy Slippers tomorrow. :D

  26. Random drawing resulted in Sia Huff as today's winner of a copy of Phantoms & Fantasies.

    Congrats, Sia and thanks for following my blog tour!

  27. Absolutely Annie! It's been fun :) I'm so excited about winning.