Sunday, November 27, 2011

December Is Almost Here !!

So what does slipping from November into December mean at your house?  The tree is up and the house is suddenly all red and green?  Maybe Santa peeks at you from the mantle or a snowman plays Frosty when you walk by?  Or maybe the dining room table is covered with cards, envelopes, and multiple copies of the annual Christmas letter?

At my home, all of the above are signs that we're soon starting the month of December.  It also means that I'm knee-deep in planning the annual Christmas party for the Potter's House girls and the Melba's Manor girls. (This year is the 4th year)  These two homes help girls in trouble and once a year they're guests in my home and they get to have a great time eating, playing games and getting a gift from Santa when he arrives.   Yes, Santa has my address and stops by on December 5th with a Ho Ho Ho, a Merry Christmas, gifts and candy.

Then each girl gets a stocking full of goodies that the fantastic ladies of Eagles Landing First Baptist Church have supplied.  Shhh.  Don't tell them, but this year they will also receive a specially made pillow case that is bright and pretty and will remind them each time they use it that they're loved.

But the part I love best is when Sarah Roberts quotes (from memory) the story of Christmas...the REAL story of Christmas...the birth of Jesus.

My husband plans to record it this year and with her permission, I'll be loading it for your enjoyment soon after the party.

So what do you do each year that makes Christmas special for you or your entire family?  Share it with us and you'll be eligible for your very own Santa hugging a soft, cozy lap blanket.


  1. You have some great plans there, Sandra! I still haven't unpacked from the cruise; since we have gotten home, I have spent almost every free hour making bracelets for the Beading To Beat Autism project I have committed to. But I am off Tuesday, and I am thinking I will try to do some decorating and baking then. My boys are older and say they don't really care much one way or another. But *I* care, and that's what matters!

  2. Hi Pam,
    Thanks for dropping by! I left a message on Facebook about your commitment to Autism. Great cause.

    Hope you had a fantastic time on the cruise and have a great holiday season.

  3. Sandy,
    I know the ladies will enjoy their annual visit to your house. You are a gracious hostess! This week I will bring in my tree, sit it on a table, take the sheet off and enjoy it - for a few minutes before I start baking a couple of cakes and putting them in the freezer. It's a busy time, but I love it.

  4. Maxine,
    Hey! We have one of those trees! I uncover it and sit it up in Dick's office. And, of course, I have the pre-lit tree, so setup is easy.

    I'll be baking cookies in the next few days...need a few hundred of them for the party.
    Probably just peanut butter, sugar & chocolate chip.

  5. Sandy, you sound like you're in full swing for Christmas, already! My kids were home for the Thanksgiving weekend and wanted to put up the tree (they usually don't so this was a nice surprise), and because I'm not one for refusing free help, we decorated our house for the holidays (which has never before been done this early!). Enjoy your party for the Potter's House kids.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    Congrats on the free help. (Hey, free works for me also) Now just to get everything wrapped and mailed. (ugh)

    Thanks for dropping by.

  7. This sounds wonderful! I'll be trying to help my daughter deal with starting over after a divorce. We'll need a new tradition. My brother has been diagnosed with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, still in the early stages. Again, new traditions to be made.

  8. Mary,
    Thanks for dropping by. I'm so sorry about your brother. Your family will have a rough road ahead.