Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Help Me Welcome, SUSAN CARLISLE !

 Susan Carlisle's love affair with books began when she made a bad grade in math in the sixth grade.  Not allowed to watch TV until she brought the grade up, she filled her time with books and became a voracious romance reader.  She has "keepers" on the shelf to prove it.  Because she loved the genre so much, she decided to try her hand at creating her own romantic world. She still loves a good happily-ever-after story.

When not writing, Susan doubles as a high school substitute teacher--she has been doing this for sixteen years.  She lives in Georgia with her husband of twenty-eight years and has four grown children.  She loves castles, traveling, cross-stitching, hats, James Bond and hearing from her readers. Facebook

I had the pleasure of recently spending some writing time with Susan and had the opportunity to sit down and learn all the little secrets that I'm sharing with you today.  So, sit back, relax and get to know a few fun facts about Susan.

1)  When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I started talking about writing a book 27 years ago, but didn't get serious about it until 2002. That first book will never make it to a shelf. 

2)  Ah, Susan, I'm sure all writers have at least one of those early stories that we will never show anyone.  So, tell us briefly about your journey to publication w/ Mills and Boon? 

A friend told me that Mills and Boon was looking for authors and encouraged me to submit. I still had to write the book. I did, submitted but had to request it back because of my nonfiction book that was coming out. With it out, I met the senior editor at a conference and told her that the book would be on her desk when she got home. The full manuscript was requested and revisions suggested. Heart Surgeon, Hero...Husband? came out five years after I wrote it.

3)  Wow. That's a long time to keep a dream alive.  Congratulations.  Now, we'd all like to know where you get your inspiration for your stories?

Every where. In things people say, the news, TV, my life.

4) So you have one non-fiction book out and now this new medical romance with Mills & Boon.  What can we look forward to in the future?

More medical romances for sure. I have been offered a three-book deal. So I'll be writing like the wind.  I also have some feelers out on a nonfiction.
5)  Wow!  A three-book contract is fabulous!  Congratulations!  So, now lets get down to the characters of your books.  Define your favorite Alpha Hero.   Who is your inspiration for him?

 I like a strong hero who knows his own mind and will make a decision. He'll protect his woman, but appreciates it when she stands up to him. My hero always has soft spot for older people, animals and kids. My guys tend to be tall and hunky but that isn't a must. I don't know that I have a real inspiration. Most of my guys are a merry  mixture of many people. 

6)  I must say that the guy on your cover makes me sigh.  A strong male being tender to a baby.  Perfect.  So that brings us to your heroines.  Do you pattern them after yourself or someone you know---or maybe someone you'd love to be?  Does your family live in fear of showing up in your books?

Of course my heroines have some of me in them but not enough that anyone would really notice. I'm pretty spunky and will take on a fight and my heroines do share that trait. I'm not too dumb to live so I do make sure my heroines aren't either. All the quys in my life think they are in my books--they aren't, but I can't convince them of that.  

7)  Since Mills & Boon medicals are predominantly featured in the European market, is there anything you have to keep in mind for that audience?  Certain words that you have to use that are different?  (for example, the "hood" of the car here is the "bonnet" in some countries)

Not really. Some of the words will be spelled a little differently but my editors are interested in American authors so they leave most of the other words as I have written them.

8)  Okay, now we're going to get to the really personal things in your life....your family.  How have they dealt with your current success?

Mostly they are fascinated and curious. And proud. I still do laundry, clean baths and dust, so some things will never change. 

9)  When your husband introduces you to someone, does he simply say you're his wife or does he describe you as a teacher or author?

If he remembers to introduce me, he says wife but if he thinks the person he is introducing me to is someone who would be interested in the fact I write, he mentions I'm an author.  

10)  What is your favorite time of day to write?
I'm a morning person but oddly I seem to write better around lunch and early afternoon. Weird, isn't it. 

11) To tag on to that last question, what is your favorite place to write?

I don't really have a favorite, but I do like to go to my mother's place on the lake and spend days writing. I always get a lot done when I go there.

12)  At what point will you consider that you're a successful writer?  (1 book published?  10?  NYT Bestseller?)
I want to be on the JamTron (huge TV) in the Auburn University football stadium. They only ask astronauts, super star sports people, or leaders in industry to be on there. I will have arrived to be seen there.  I would also feel successful if I had a book in the Library of Congress. Oh, of course the New York News list wouldn't go unnoticed.  

 13)  What advice would you give aspiring authors?  

Write, Write, Write and near give up. Rejection is just part of the process. Also, writing is hard work.

14)  Is there anything else you'd like to tell your readers and fans?
I'd love to hear from you. Read Heart Surgeon, Hero...Husband? and let me know what you think about it. 

Susan, thank you so much for joining me today and sharing with our readers about yourself and your new release from Mills & Boon.     

I hope everyone will drop back by this Saturday when I'll be reviewing Susan's book.                                                    
Susan's book will be released March 1, 2012, but can be advance-ordered now.

It's also available NOW for your Kindle!


  1. I read HSHH and loved it! I'm so glad there'll be more stories from you, Susan. Write on! :)

    1. Thanks Carol for stopping by.


  2. And I may break down and actually go to a football game just to see you on jamtron!!!!

    1. I would love to tell you that I was going to be on the jamrton.


    2. Susan,
      If you ever tell us you'll be on the Jamtron, you'll have your own cheering section.....even if it takes going on a road trip to another state!

    3. You can count on it!


  3. Susan,
    If you ever tell us that you're going to be on the Jamtron, you'll have your own cheering section...even if it means a road trip to another state!

  4. Loved the interview ladies!
    Susan, your new book is on my TBR pile, very close to the top! Can't wait!

    1. Tamara,
      Do let me know when I'm on top.


  5. Great interview. Susan, I didn't know you were a James Bond fan. Cool. Did you ever pull up your Math grade?

    1. I didn't know, either. Interesting what we learn about our friends from blog visits! Good interview.

    2. I do love my James Bond. I've even read all the books. I did bring up my math grade but I still don't like math.