Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My guest today is the fabulous BARBARA PHINNEY !

 Barbara Phinney authors Love Inspired Suspense novels for Harlequin and I'm thrilled that she is my guest today.

"She really knows how to grab readers and keep their attention."  ROMANTIC TIMES

Bio:  Barbara worked for the Canadian Armed Forces and has  lived in three provinces and two countries.  She married a man in the military, but they are now retired and live in his small hometown.

She's a full-time writer, mother and volunteer at her church.  She also loves to travel and has done a mission trip with her daughter to Bolivia.

Please help me welcome, Barbara Pinney!

I thought about writing something with a Christmas theme that could have you smelling chocolate and candy canes as you read this.
Well, it's not working out that way. And like many writers with an uncooperative muse, I have to sit down and drag the words from me. That's what being a writer can be like. I'm not Barbara Cartland with her nebulous hairdo, her bling and a Pekinese, lying on her couch dictating to a secretary.
No. Writing can be tough. And as I spend the end of 2011 independently publishing some of my older titles, such as Souvenirs, (which was once serialized in a local paper and had people coming up to me on the streets demanding to know who the killer was) I can honestly tell you that I have learned plenty during my time writing, and I continue to learn.
Take for instance, Christmas. I learn each Christmas. It's about gifts. God's greatest gift to us was His Son, but He gave us other gifts as well. I like to think I received the gift of fiction writing. And while there are moments of pure inspiration, and a turn of phrase that just sparkles, it's not all like that.
When I wrote Souvenirs, I pulled from me some delightful phrases that just stuck.
Too soon, Brent lifted his head.  "If I'd known kissing you like that would make me forget everything, I'd have kissed you much sooner."
Those were Brent's words to Anna after they'd kissed. To me, that speaks volumes about him, the needs within him and his personal torment. But those words only came out after hard work, and exploring two very unique characters. A heroine in desperate need to find herself, and a hero who didn't think he was a hero, but who proved to be far more attractive, and sexy than I first realized.
But hard work like this writing also teaches us. Easy work does not teach. And there is the enjoyment, the pleasure of finished work that somehow transcends the final product to add a subtlety like the taste of hot chocolate stirred with a candy cane. Then my gift of writing feels so real to me.
What gifts do you think you have that you can share this holiday season?  The gift of giving to the Food Bank?  The gift of driving and delivering the toys to the women's center? The gift of singing at the nursing home?
Pull them out, dust them off and share them.
And to add to the fun of giving, some indie writers, myself included, are offering a whole big batch of holiday treats, e-books that are only 99 cents each! Drop by and check them out. The fun started December 1st.

Barbara, thank you so much for visiting with us today.  You can learn more about Barbara and her books at


  1. Thank you for hosting me today. I can't believe I am called Fabulous! Where's my family?!!?

  2. Barbara, you're too funny. Actually, I'm almost finished with Souvenirs and that's why I said you're fabulous. (g)

    I'm going to get this out on Facebook and Tweeter and we'll talk later!

  3. I'm certainly not blessed with creative words as you Barb but I am, however, blessed to have met and known you and your family. You definetely leave a lasting impression (a good one that is!)!
    Have a Joyous Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

    Laurie Smith

  4. Enjoyed reading the interview, Barbara. Souvenirs is a great book!

  5. Wonderful interview, Barbara! Love your challenge to us to pull out our gifts, dust the off and put them to use this holiday season.

  6. Great interview. I love to learn more about my favorite authors--Barbara is definitely one of my favorites. Good job!

  7. Good interview, Barbara. Like Norah, I like the challenge of offering gifts. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Thank you everyone, esp. Laurie, who has my undying admiration. She's got 4 children and is building a house!
    I hope we'll all share our gifts, however small you think they are.

  9. To Laurie and Linda...thanks so much for stopping by. One of my favorite lines in Barbara's article is... "Easy work does not teach." Oh, my goodness, yes! That's the truth.

    Merry Christmas to you both.

  10. Norah,
    Yes, I agree with Barbara that we need to pull out our gifts and dust them off.

    I've done so many things over the years...singing, food bank, etc that I think it's whatever God puts on my heart for each year.

    For the past four years, I've hosted a group of girls in my home for a huge Christmas party (with the help of my church). These are girls that others have given up on. But God loves them as much as he loves me. Wow, what a gift of love He gives us.

  11. Kate,
    As I was reading Barb's article, I thought...We all have a gift to give...but some don't use theirs. We think we're too busy or it costs too much, or there's no time, whatever. We just need to make others a priority.

  12. Diane,

    I'm just finishing Souvenirs, but I intend to find her other books and read them also. I love how she writes. Okay, so I'm giving a sneak-peak to my review on Saturday. (g)

  13. Hi Barb,
    You've posed a great question. I'm going to hold a comfort food party this evening where we each make a dish we loved growing up, and bring a contribution to the local food bank. Really looking forward to it.

  14. Stella,
    What a great idea! At the party I had for the Potter's House girls, people brought canned goods to refill the pantry at the House. Our church calls it a "pounding". A lb of this, a lb of that, etc. We got boxes and boxes. Also our church collects coats, scarves, gloves,(new or used) for the homeless or anyone else who needs them.

    Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas!

  15. Stella, what a great idea. I love comfort food, and I know you're a good cook. And Sandra, a pounding party, hmm. Sounds interesting.
    I'm thrilled that everyone was able to stop by, and please check back on Sat, as we all, (me biting my nails) read Sandra's review of Souvenirs.
    I'm out in the morning, daring to take hubs shopping, and out again in the evening. I probably won't have time to bite my nails.

  16. Barbara - great interview and great challenge to the rest of us. You deserve much success and appreciation for your rare talent. So, what's next? Anything in that wonderfully creative brain percolating around right now?