Friday, August 1, 2014

Two August Releases !!

Two Ways To Win !!

Behind Door Two and Jessie, Book 2 in the Georgia Hearts series

Jeweled Flash Drive

In Jessie, she's a romance writer. The Jeweled Flash Drive is something she would need and use.

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Book 2 in the Georgia Hearts series

Widowed, Jessica Templeton-Harris, writes romances and does emergency infant care for the county. Newborn Missy Alexander has one living relative, her Uncle, Daniel Alexander, confirmed bachelor and DEA agent working undercover in South America.
When he asks Jess for help in adopting Missy, can she say no to the man who has stolen her heart or the child she has grown to love?

Below is an excerpt:

His presence on her porch didn’t make her feel threaten, but neither did it bring a sense of calm. His body screamed Rambo, but his overall demeanor was more like Jason Bourne. It was just his shear size that intimidated. He was easily twice her size and weight and probably able to bench press her if he wanted to. She straightened her spine.
“Man-oh-man,” she muttered softly. “If his face and arms are any indication, this guy doesn’t have an ounce of extra fat on his body.” The printed t-shirt that proclaimed his love of country music was stretched across his broad chest, but just as impressive were his shoulders and biceps that the shirt was trying to strangle.
“Oh my,” she murmured again. What could he want? She wasn’t convinced it was safe to open the door, but it helped a bit to ease her mind just knowing she had the recently-installed clear-glass storm door. At least now she could open the front door and still have a solid, locked barrier between her and the man who was reaching out to ring the bell again.
“Oh, no! The baby.” Jess quickly unlocked the heavy oak door and pulled it halfway open, not surprised to see that the man was considerably larger than the viewer led her to believe. She allowed her gaze a quick trip from his greasy hair down to his dirty, scuffed cowboy boots. His deep tan made it obvious that he worked outdoors…and mercy alive, whatever he did, it kept him in great physical condition.
Her gaze darted back to his face when he cleared his throat. She felt her neck growing warm. He had caught her staring…well, actually it had been a bit more like ogling, but surely he was used to women staring at him.
“Sorry. Um, may I help you?” She had never been fond of paybacks, but that was exactly what he was giving her. She forced herself to remain still while the bluest eyes she’d ever seen slid from the ponytail on the crown of her head down to the ragged-edged, cut-off denims that stopped too many inches above her knees. After hovering for a moment, his gaze dropped to her bare feet where it lingered. His eyes opened a bit wider and his eyebrows arched just a fraction, but a frown tugged her brows downward when a smile lifted the corners of his mouth.
She had never worried about putting on shoes just to answer her door, but the Neanderthal on her front porch was laughing at her hot pink, polished toenails. She cleared her throat, much like he had, but he ignored her and allowed his eyes to make a lazy journey back up to connect with hers. Her face was burning. She had never felt so under-dressed in her life.

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Behind Door Two


After her parents and twin sister are killed, Cecilia Drummond won’t believe she could be next. Detective Lance Brodin must keep her alive, but will she cooperate? She gives up her dream and takes over the family business, refusing to back down or hide. Lance works to keep her alive and she works to find out who’s stealing from the company. Can they live long enough to find love?

Below is an excerpt:

Flying had always been as natural as swimming or horseback riding...until now.
What would it feel like to suddenly realize your plane was going to crash? Does your life really flash before your eyes like they say?
Cecilia Drummond shifted in the confines of her first-class seat, glancing out the tiny portal to reassure herself that the plane was still in the clouds …and level.
Would she panic and scream as it plummeted 34,000 feet to crash in a rural field or a crowded city street? No, she was sure she wouldn’t be a screamer, but just the thought made her heart rate spike as she wiped her suddenly damp palms on the cocktail napkin. Cecilia leaned slightly forward to lift heavy black hair from her damp neck, berating herself for not taking an extra couple minutes to twist it up into a clip before closing her condo door for the last time.
She sighed with relief to see the woman on her right was still asleep. Embarrassing displays of emotion didn’t count if no one saw them. Yeah, right.
Cecilia willed herself to relax, her head resting back against the seat. With her eyes closed, she took a few slow, deep breaths, counting as she exhaled. Her mind wouldn’t rest, wouldn’t stop conjuring up useless questions—questions that she could not possibly know the answer to unless she experienced the moment. Like, would she be calm and stoic? No, calm was too much to imagine. Sure, she’d panic, but behind it she was sure there would be anger. She would be pissed.

Available on: Amazon Smashwords

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  1. Love the excerpts. They both sound like great books. Best of luck with the releases.
    Marilyn Baron

  2. Thanks Marilyn and good luck in the drawing !!

  3. Sandy,
    Your books sound wonderful. I look forward to reading them.

  4. Thanks, Susan. Hope you enjoy them.

  5. Thanks to couple of ladies who left comments...and to all of you who just sent this link to your Facebook and Twitter. I appreciate your support.

    Now, on to the good stuff. I'd like to announce that Marilyn Baron has won the Jeweled Flash Drive !!! Congratulations, Marilyn and thank you so much for your continued support.

  6. Sandy, I am thrilled to win the flash drive. What a beautiful and useful gift. Thank you!