Sunday, August 31, 2014

Announcing A New Release -- Katie



(Book 3 in the Georgia Hearts series)

Spring Garden Roses
Tea For One set
(sugar cubes not included)

In Katie, Katie Brinkley is a tea lover and draws comfort from a nice cup of Earl Grey when her day is hectic. This month, in honor of Katie's debut, I'm offering the Spring Garden Roses Tea For One Set to one lucky person who leaves a comment. So, be sure to leave a comment...and then tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter for an extra chance to win. 


(Book 3 in the Georgia Hearts series)



Troy Templeton is returning home from a two-week Army Reserve training and witnesses a car crash. He stops to help, discovering the driver unconscious and a very scared two-year-old boy in the backseat. Katie Brinkley is frantic about her missing son, especially when she learns her car has been involved in a wreck. She arrives on the scene to see a large man in Army fatigues holding her son...a man who reminds her of her late husband. The last thing she needs is anyone else in her life who has any connection to the military. Her mother, father and deceased husband are enough. Troy is drawn to Katie, but the last thing he needs is a ready-made family. He's not father material. Can both learn to compromise and give their attraction a chance?


Troy stepped up beside her, Evan’s car seat dangling from one large hand. “Are you okay?”
She turned to face the man who had stepped into her life with an ease that was almost frightening. He stood close—too close, but she forced a stiff smile. “Yes, much better. For some reason, I felt closed in and needed to get outside and could take a deep breath.”
He nodded and reached out his hand to take hers, guiding her toward the truck, but didn’t unlock it. He sat the car seat in the back and then guided her toward the street corner where he pushed the button to get the light to stop traffic.
“Where are we going?”
“You need to see The Square up close.”
His touch was gentle, more like an invitation to join him than a demand. She found herself following without protest. When the light changed, they crossed and soon she was wandering among the heavenly scents of rose bushes and magnolia blossoms.
Neither spoke as they wandered, their fingers meshed, linking them while they strolled. Several benches were occupied, but Troy directed her toward one that seemed to be calling their names and then suggested they stop and sit for a few minutes.
“This is peaceful.”
“Umm.” A nearby squirrel had his attention, but it didn’t take long for him to look at her. “You know what? This is the very bench where I asked Tracy Summers to go steady with me.”
She chuckled. Troy had a way of saying the unexpected and keeping her off balance. “Obviously it didn’t last…or did she turn you down?”
“Oh she said yes, but then a few weeks later she said yes to Tim Ledbetter.”
His exaggerated sigh and the obvious slumping of his shoulders told her he was kidding around. “That’s too bad. Didn’t the best man win?”
“Yes, as a matter of fact. I was fifteen at the time, but if you knew Tracy now, you’d know I made a lucky escape.” His head was back and he was laughing out loud now. “Be careful what you wish for.”

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Be sure to check back each month for the rest of the year because there will be a new release every month and a promotional give-away each month to celebrate.

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  1. The book sounds great and the prize is amazing. The house in the book looks like our Petit Fours house. You are so prolific releasing all those books this year. How exciting .

  2. Thanks, Marilyn,
    Yes, it's a pretty aggressive schedule, but most of them were already written and just needed another edit. Thanks for dropping by to comment.

  3. Congrats on the new release and all the upcoming ones as well! Wow. You'll be busy!

    I LOVE that teapot! It's very similar to my china. Please enter me in the drawing! I'll also tweet and share it on FB. :)

  4. Hi Missy,
    Wow, if it's like your china, then I'd love your china. When I bought this for the promo, I turned around and bought one for myself because it was so beautiful. Thanks for the support and good luck with your upcoming release next month !!

  5. A friend of mine sent me the following in an e-mail.

    Hi Sandy,
    I tried to comment on your new book on your blog but the darned thing kept locking up on me.

    I am excited about reading "Katie" as soon as I finish my current book. It's good to see you have new books coming out on a regular basis, I will print out the schedule.

    The tea pot you are giving away is gorgeous! I will let you know how I like Katie.

    Have a good night. Bobbie P.

    If anyone else has problems leaving a comment, please contact me at Thanks much!

  6. Tweeted and Google+'d. Also sent you an email. Congrats on the great release lineup!

  7. Thanks, Carol. Your name is in the "pot"...several times !!! Good luck.

  8. Another friend in California tried to comment and had a challenge. He wrote:

    Best wishes and continued success in your writing endeavors and much happiness.
    B Johnson

  9. Can't wait to read KATIE. CONGRATULATIONS!!!


  10. Thanks, Maxine. I hope you enjoy Katie as much as I enjoyed writing her story.

  11. And this month's winner is Missy Tippens!!! Congratulations.!