Friday, October 3, 2014


WATCH FOR THE DAWN is the first in a three-part romantic suspense series about three sisters, and is set in Colorado.

A serial killer is targeting college co-eds and today he is watching a student as she makes her way across the campus to class. When a blond woman stops and talks with the girl, he changes his pattern, allows the student to go...for the moment...and follows the woman. After watching which room the woman enters, he adds Professor Kelly Cooper to his list. She should never have interfered in his plan.

Watch For The Dawn introduces Kelly Cooper, 29, single and a professor at Colorado State University in Denver. Kelly's trouble begins when her older sister, Madison Cooper, comes on campus to have lunch with her and stops to speak to a student she recently tended in the hospital emergency room. It's a case of mistaken identity, but since the stalker doesn't know what the girl might have revealed to the woman, there is now another potential “loose end” to dispose of. 

Police detective Steve Mitchell is leading the search for the serial killer, but after losing his temper with a journalist and shoving the man, his chief puts him on two-week administrative leave to cool off. On his way to the mountains, he happens upon Kelly, her car in a ditch during a blizzard and takes her with him to the cabin.  Two weeks away from the office is suddenly taking a turn for the better.  A mountain cabin in the winter is a perfect place to get away from his work and have a little fun with a beautiful woman...or is it?  Could he be wrong?

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Old Newsprint Stars Ornaments

To celebrate the new release, I'm giving away a set of star-shaped Christmas Tree ornaments very much like the ones Kelly and Steve use on their Christmas tree in the mountain cabin. To be entered in the drawing, all you have to do is leave a comment. If you want to be entered more than once, just Tweet or Facebook my blog page. Simple! Good Luck !! 

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Facing The Dawn, introducing Madison Cooper, emergency room doctor, will be available in November 2014 and After The Dawn, introducing Shelby Sanders, the youngest of the three sisters and a widow with a five-year-old son, and who manages a Bed and Breakfast, will be available in December, 2014.


  1. Great concept. This sounds like an amazing series. Best of luck.

  2. Thanks, Marilyn,
    I thoroughly enjoyed writing this series. My favorite part of this story was weaving the dog into the mix. I fell in love with Rusty, the wonder dog. In the second book of the series, the two fight with each other until they fall in love. He gets tired of hearing her gripe and pushes her too far and then finds himself at her mercy when he arrives at the emergency room and she's his doctor. I think you'll enjoy it.