Sunday, February 22, 2015

Update On The WWII Series

I've been huddling in my office, typing until my fingers smoke and soon, the last in the WWII series will be finished.  It's about the struggle to grow up in the shadow of WWII if you're a girl living in a big city (Denver) filled with soldiers, but restricted by the fact that you live in Denver Orphan's Home.

The First in the series is about EMMA ROSE.  She's old enough to leave The Home, but continues to live there, working days at the local tire plant and evenings at the orphanage helping with the smaller children. Her life changes one evening when she goes to the USO with two friends from work and meets a Navy officer who was injured in the bombing of Pearl Harbor six months earlier.  When Emma becomes his lost Cinderella, he searches for her...but when he finds her, he must convince her that he really cares and he must overcome the burn scars that his uniform hides.

The second book in the series, CORA JEAN, is basically the story of how my mother & father met and fell in love.  This story takes Jeannie from Denver Colorado to a small town in North Carolina where she lives with Mac's parents until he returns from the war.  There are hardships, but, for the first time, she has a family.  This is a very special book to me and is filled with stories my mother told me before her death about fifteen years ago.

The third book in the series, SARAH ANN, tells the story of a young woman determined to make her place in a man's world.  She wants to be a nurse, but without funds to go to college for three years, she settles for becoming a WAVE in the U.S. Navy.  She is stuck in a hospital office during clerical work, but soon she ventures out into the wards and offers smiles & encouragement along with reading letters from home to some who have eye injuries and helps others write letters to their loved ones if they're unable to use their arms. 

Romance waits for each of my orphans, but the road isn't always easy...but it's always worth the effort.  I've submitted a proposal to a publisher, but if they don't accept it, I'll be publishing this series in the next month or two. 

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